We want to redefine and humanize the art of serving, always dignifying the person and the hospitality industry, the art and culture industry, as well as the creative industries and the orange economy.

  1. Our promise, person to person, focuses on adding and contributing to the community. We seek to transcend our duty: to create exquisite experiences and memories that not only remain but also mean something extraordinary, no matter how simple they may seem.
  2. Our hallmark is the disposition, the tendency, and the creativity, as well as the well-being that is created by having each of these in the correct doses.
  3. We are true hosts aware of the relevance of our role. We mix in a sustainable way values such as responsibility, integrity, respect, and sharing.
  4. Our concept is far away from the traditional hotel industry. We are avant-garde in mechanics but also focused on understanding life and enjoying it with originality.
  5. We believe that through training, art, culture, design, and hospitality we can make a difference in our environment, improve our lives and the lives of others.

Today, thanks to the vision and work of Querétaro entrepreneurs motivated by the same pillars, we can share, live, feel and experience Mexican hospitality through the essence of the owner of this mansion.

Restoration project

Here you can see in detail the restoration project that transformed Tá’s house into Tá Design Hotel.