We preserve
the cultural richness of the city

About us

We are a hotel that merges the best of the past and the present day.

Surrounded by the most important landmarks of the city, we combine contemporary interior design, supreme amenities and cultural tourism to make your visit a memorable stay: experience local life, know the history of México and discover all the main events that identify Querétaro’s urban life.

Our rooms are part of a restored colonial manor, which for many years was known as the home of a local family whose owner was affectionately known by her grandchildren as Tá, she was a well-known philanthropist dedicated to the promotion of art and culture. Nowadays we continue her work by providing you a great stay with the best contemporary experiences of cultural tourism in the middle of México.

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Why do we call ourselves a hotel of design?

We understand design as the acute awareness of pleasure: our drive is to fulfill your expectation through interior design, furniture, and amenities. Our rooms and common areas were designed to provide a new level of hospitality: a warm and contemporary retreat in the heart of Querétaro.

From the restoration project to the creation of the hotel ambience, we pay attention to all the details that will give you the best rest in the city. All this through the best technology in our rooms, architectural details that rescue the past life of the manor, and a premium service that you can enjoy from the moment you arrive at the reception with your suitcases.

Tá hotel de diseño is built from the roots: we merge hospitality, design, art and gastronomy to create unforgettable experiences. Get to know our Manifesto and Restoration project, with which the old house was transformed into a design hotel.



We are aware of our community and environment. We operate based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda (UN): the use of green and renewable energy, photovoltaic cells, water-saving systems, automated lighting, optimization of resources, social responsibility, fair trade, and local consumption. We are also interested in collaborating with foundations and projects dedicated to social change, culture, local community, art and education.

Press & Awards

Before we officially open our doors, we hold test events to ensure a memorable experience for our future guests.

Soon we will share in this section the reviews and first impressions of the hotel in media such as Central Revista, Códice Informativo, and En Bici Life.